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Who Are We?

We are seasoned travel agents who specialize in crafting vacations for solo travelers and groups. Our excitement grows when we are challenged with unique travel ideas and exclusive destinations. 

Having set foot on several continents...

we use our relationships with locals to provide exclusive experiences that draw our travelers into the culture. If you want more than “just another trip”, then join us on any one of our journeys. This is a great time to meet like minded individuals, immerse yourself into a different culture, enjoy tantalizing tastes of local cuisines, revel in rich history and foster new partnerships and family.

We don't create trips...WE CRAFT EXPERIENCES!

Every person is unique, every group is unique and so should the experiences for each them be as well.  We take the time to get to know you and what makes you tick.  That way when we craft an experience for you, it resonates with you.  We strive to make each person feel like family and we would like the chance to welcome you into the fold.  Choose a experience that jumps out at you and allow us to surround you with like minded individuals who you  will soon call family.